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To understand square roots it will be important to understand what are squares. Squaring of a number can be defined as multiplying a number by itself. Thus, when we multiply 4 by 4 we are said to have squared  the number four. The symbol of square is presented by putting a small 2 above the number.

Square of 4 = 16

Square of 5 = 25

From the above example we can say that 16 is the square of 4, and 4 is the square root of 16. Similarly, 25 is the square of 5, and 5 is the square root of 25.  

Vedic Maths Square Roots Of Perfect Squares

We have divided the study of the square roots in two parts. We will study how to find the square roots of perfect square and square roots of general numbers. Most of the schools and college exams ask the square roots of perfect squares.  

The need to find perfect square roots arise in solving linear equations, quadratic equations and factorization equations. Solving of square roots is also useful in Geometry while dealing with the area, perimeter, etc of geometric figures.  

The Vedic maths sutra we will using is "Vilokanam" also called "By mere observation"

In this method we formulate tables of square of numbers and their square roots. Following the sutra by mere observing the tables, we can find out the last digit of our square root and we find out the first digit of the square root by observing the first group of the number

Vedic Maths Square Roots Of Imperfect Square

In this topic we will study how to find square roots of any random number up to as many decimal places as we want.

The method explained in this topic is covered by some educational boards in their school syllabus. However, most students are not able to retain it for a long time. Plus there is a vast category of people who are completely unaware of it.    

Students giving competitive exams and professionals are urged to read this chapter thoroughly and understand its content.

With the study of perfect squares, imperfect squares and squares with decimal value, our study of square root is complete. You will be geared to find the square root of any type of number.   

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