Franchisee Support

We will provide you with ongoing professional support that you can depend on for the growth of your business. The principal offices will fully support and advice our members on the following:

We provide a membership kit to every new member as initial support so that they can promote the business easily. The kit contains counseling folder, visiting cards, printing materials, brochures; sign board flex, posters,corporate posters etc. So that at initial stage the member is free from every hassles related to starting of new business.

Course & Marketing Training

Training for the course is provided by certified trainers of the company to your trainer ensuring quality training to students.

Office Management Portal & Advertisement

Company provides to all its members, franchise an Office management Portal, to ensure transparency and uniformity in the operations. This will help in:

We have designed advance set of advertising materials, including print, direct mail and internet. These tools are very effective specially when combined and used.

We send targeted SMS/Emails for students and parents about the importance of products.

Our approach to market is simple satisfy the customer as they are the best marketing tool. There is nothing like words from mouth to keep people coming back for more and there is no better way to advertise yourself and your message to people who really values what you offer. So we have designed our promotional products to the likings of student and parents.