Speed Writing

Writingwith speed plays an important part in everyone's life, whether it's a student or professional. Globalization has created a need for speed withlegibility. Speed plays an important part in composing ability of content to express knowledge about different subjects. Our speed plays avital part in learning to compile and enhance our ability to express our knowledge in different subjects.

Researchshows that speed is a major factor of surviving competitive exams; In competitive exams or regular exam at school there is a particular methodfor assessing an individual's ability is followed, where in your knowledge expressed in a set time is measured. However knowledgeable youare speed under twelve words is considered severe disability as completion of task requires extra time.

Slowhand writer have problems with poor mind motor coordination, spelling, letter formation, word shapes and discrimination between upper and lowercase. Student looses their competency level due to slow writing as it is a common factor with majority of students. Another major problem is that writing with speed deteriorates legibility of writing. In this course apart from improving handwriting we also teach our students how to enhance their speed of writing. Our teaching techniques ensure a goodwriting speed without deviating from quality of writing.