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Abacus Masters Course

Learn abacus from the experts, Horizon - Brain Development Academy abacus learning programs have been designed specially as per Indian school calculating method, thus ensuring that no confusion is created for students, where as other companies follows opposite abacus training techniques which students find difficult to adapt, and soon lose interest in learning abacus.

This is an improved course devised to educate Japanese abacus for the students from the age of 08 (eight) years. and above and to suit all. Even undergoing training for a short period of 03 (three) months in this course a remarkable progress in the development of mind can be learnt.

The Japanese are the best example to know the development in the efficiency of brain in a period of 30 (thirty) months i.e. after completion of full course. Performance evaluation is carried at end of each level. After successful completion and passing of level certificates are granted.

The Course will make sure, regardless of their age, that older children have learnt the basic mathematical foundations. The problems for the abacus become gradually more challenging, requiring their greater concentration and intuitive understanding of the four operations of the maths that is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

At the same time, students tackle school maths problems, applying what they have learnt with the abacus. The Course will try to help children prepare and excel in their secondary education.​​

Unique In Abacus Training...How?

Horizon - Brain Development Academy abacus training center teaches the advanced and entire concept of Japanese Abacus Education and its Brain Development techniques in India as it is in Japan.

Horizon - Brain Development Academy teaches advanced abacus learning techniques like finding Squares, Square Root, Cube, Cube root, Finding L.C.M, G.C.D, Finding Percentage and conversion of Hexadecimal numbers to Binary Numbers. Which are yet not introduced by any other Institute?

Horizon - Brain Development Academy has highly structured abacus program ,even Master Level finished students from other institute can join to continue further. For example we introduce Multiplication and Division in our 2nd level itself where as others start Multiplication after 3rd level Division after 4th Level.

Age Group
08 years and above any body
Levels 10 levels each of three months
 Durations  30 months

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