How 2 Use Abacus: Abacus Operations

How 2 Operate Abacus

Numbersare set by moving beads towards the bar and numbers are removed by moving beadsaway from the bar. Abacus is operated by using any one hand thumb finger and indexfingers only.

In putting a numberon the abacus, you set or enter it. In taking a number away, you remove orclear it. In setting and removing a number, you correctly use your thumb andforefinger in the following ways.

Beads are moved in following ways:

Bottom Beads: (ones units)

 1. Upward (towards the bar)      - with thumb to set numbers figure (A)

 2. Downward (away from bar)     - with forefinger to remove numbers figure (B)

 Figure A
 Figure B

Top Beads: (fives unit)


 1. Upward (away from the bar)  - with forefinger to remove number five figure (D)

 2. Downward (towards the bar)   -with forefinger to set number five figure (C)

 Figure C
 Figure D

For setting andremoving numbers from 06 (six) to 09 (nine), both the fingers thumb and indexfingers are used together like a pinch as shown in figures. When both top andbottom beads are required to be moved, simultaneously they are taken or‘pinched’ between the thumb and forefinger e.g. to set numbers (6 to 9)


To set number enter a 05 (five) - unitcounter with the forefinger and a 01 (one) - unit counter with the thumb at thesame time as shown in figure (E), as if pinching them.

To remove numbers first move down a 01 (one) - unitcounter with the forefinger as shown in figure (F), Next move up a 05 (five) - unitcounter with the forefinger as shown in         Figure (G)

 Figure E
Figure F
Figure G