How can i start online abacus class

Register your self by filling registration form. Then go to product page select the level and pay level fee, after which you will receive a conformation email. Once you confirm your details course material will be couriered to you.

How many grades are available in online abacus training

The online training has 10 grades which covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each grade has 12 classes - one animated video, activity book work per week. So a dedicated student can complete the training of 4 grades in 12 months. Classes are planned with different modules to increase the interest and effectiveness of learning.

Do you have instructor-led online training classes

As of now, we don't have instructor-led online training classes. If you required one, please mail us, we will try to arrange one.

Do i need to take the practice session every day?

Yes, we recommend daily practice of 15 minutes.

I do not practice daily. What is the impact?

 It will affect your progress. In any new skill, daily practice is important to aquintain yourself with it. Like learning bicyle, swimming, music or anything else.

Minimum 15 minutes practice will help a lot to improve your over all skills.

What tools and books do I need to buy and how much does it cost?

For our online training, there is no basic required to buy anything extra. Abacus tool and books will be sent to you.  

I have a query, when can i get in touch with you and how?

Any time you are welcome to write or skype us at [email protected].

Do I need to buy an abacus tool?

The abacus tool along with the study material will be sent to you.

Do you provide franchise

We do provide franchise, for details please mail us at [email protected]

Already, I am learning abacus. How can this program help me.

You can register yourself for the course for enhanching you skills and ability. You will get extra material for reference and study.

I am an abacus trainer. How does this site help?

You register as a Trainer. You generate work sheets formula wise. You shall print them and share among your students. You get unlimited work sheets here to train your students.

If you register your stundents under you, you can share your work sheets among your students and check the results instantly. i.e. Create, Share and Monitor eWorksheets among your students, all online. It's corrected instantly! No more paper works!

You will get a text based tutorial too for reference.  

I want to learn and teach abacus. How does this program help me?

You can learn Abacus here and start to teach your students as early as three weeks time. We provide you online work sheets, if you subscribe for Trainer's role. Yes, you have to subscribe as a student to learn and take another subscription as a trainer to get work sheets for your students.

I run Abacus Institutes. How does this program help me?

By partnering with us, You shall provide abacus work sheets online to you students with less over heads.

Can I have a demo or sample class?

Yes, You shall subscribe to Trial package.

There is no FREE concept. You are great, just like Abacus skill! And, we all know, anything that comes for free has a throw-away value!