Learn Abacus Why?

How does brain develop?

Actually, the child’s brain starts to monitor things from sixth month onwards, when it is in mother’s womb. After the birth it starts learning remarkable things available in the surrounding up to 15yrs. But the growth of the brain is mature within 8yrs. So it is necessary to feed all the useful matters to the child as early as possible to bring themas Genius.

However, there still is much that is unknown about our brain. What we know up to this point includes that human brain is created at an early stage of embryo development and that cerebral nerve cells are already made by the time of birth. Within the brain, the brain stem (controls heart internal body functions) and the cerebral arch cortex(controls basic instincts) are basically completed while in the womb.

On other hand, humans have highly developed cerebral neo cortex that can create nerve cells. This cerebral neocortex is immature at the time of birth. In following years, suitable stimuli start's to activate nerve cells in neocortex.

What does activation of the nerve cells in neo cortex mean?

A nerve cell in neo cortex consists of 14 billion sets of motor nerves and sensory nerves. This set creates the network in which they contact each other and make up a living nervous system.The importance lies in how much sets of nerve cells we can activate in our lives. We can activate nerve cells by providing stimuli to create connections between nerve cells, as more the connection of nerve cells more intelligent the person becomes.

Note 1: In this sense,starting Abacus learning as young as possible is useful in activating the brain

What is the structure of our brain like?

The human brain consists of the right and left brain. The Left brain is also referred to as the digital brain it controls reading, writing, calculations and logical thinking. Right brain is referred as analog brain it controls three-dimensional sense, creativity and artistic senses, both right and left brain work together to allow us to function as humans.

Note 2: The Abacus use not only develops right brain but also helps in synchronization of both the parts of brain to work in effective way;

How does use of Abacus improves concentration?

In the Abacus official examination,you have to provide a certain number of correct answers within the time limit of ten minutes. For example, in the first grade examination for multiplication,you have to move your fingers more than a hundred times to operate the Abacus for multiplying a six-digit number by a five-digit number. During the calculation, the multiplication table is mentally recited thirty times. Then,an answer of eleven digits is provided. Not a single mistake can be allowed in this process. When a question such as this is repeated twenty times, the examination is completed. Fingers move more than 2000 times only for the multiplication test. We believe you now understand that Abacus education develops concentration through the training of finger movements.

Why ability to visualize and to be inspired improved by use of Abacus?

Ms. Kimiko Kawano at Nippon Medical School has demonstrated in her research that Abacus users use their right brain in the Abacus method of mental calculation. Inspiration, such as problem solving and invention, is said to come from the right brain. The brain power that enhances the shortest route for the thought process needed for problem solving is also developed there. In addition, Professor Toshio Hayashi at Osaka Prefecture University emphasizes that the training of finger movements encourages synapses to be entwined with each other and constructs neuron networks. Inspiration creates new concepts and is one of the brain powers that are required in many fields.

How does use of Abacus improves one’s ability of memorization?

Mental calculation can be classified into two groups. One is the Abacus method that uses the right brain. The other is the mathematical method that uses the left-brain. In the Abacus method of mental calculation, the right brain memorizes the patterns of answers processed. In this method, answers are stored in the long-term memory as intuitive images. The memorization method (which uses the left brain) that is commonly utilized for examinations only uses the short-term memory. There seems to be no wonder that 80% of the students at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have learned the Abacus. This type of brainpower is acquired through mental calculation training. People who start this training while still young are more likely to acquire this brain power effectively.

How Ability to observe attentively (Insight) is improved by use of Abacus?

The ability to observe attentively is greatly improved through Abacus training. You can learn to observe numbers attentively by training to carefully monitor them. No mistakes are excused in this process. You are considered successful when you are able to discover the workings of numbers. This practice leads to the ability to analyze various aspects with the use of numbers.

How brains information processing capacity is increased by use of Abacus?

A tremendous amount of information is available nowadays. The ability to rapidly process necessary information is one of the most important abilities in the twenty-first century. Training for information processing with numbers is realized through the Abacus method of mental calculation (anzan). Numbers are read rapidly without any mistake and are processed in the right brain. The information is then converted to accurate numerical data.