Art Of Calligraphy

What Is Calligraphy

Art of Calligraphy is truthfully an expression of one's mind. It’s an expansion and a solid illustration of one’s ideas. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It’s an art form that has now reachedcommon households. It is an art that cannot restrict itself to artists.

Calligraphy writing is a finer branch of paleography, or ancient writing. It is the art of fine writing or script. It is derived from the Greek word 'Kalla' which means "beautiful", and 'Graphia' which means "writing." Calligraphy is essentially defined as "written letters, dependent upon the flow and rhythm of the pen or brush", an art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.

Itis an art of beautiful, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering with pen or brush and ink. It involves the correct formation of characters, the ordering of the various parts, and the harmony of proportions. The strokes when conformed to writing will give you variousfonts and typesets but when one opens the inner eye and lets his imagination run wild, art masterpieces get created on plain canvases. When a person learns to write, he becomes literate and when he understands the essence of letters he transforms into an artist.

Calligraphy Course

Horizon bda has taken up the mission to propagate the art of calligraphy , a step further. We offer Calligraphy courses in basic calligraphy for Devnagri scripts (Hindi and Marathi) and Roman (English) scripts.

We introduce you to the calligraphy pens and nibs and how different they are from the normal pens, writing on graph paper, strokes, angle of holding, position of sitting, basic strokes, pattern making and how to thicken, thin the strokes.

We follow a uniquely designed calligraphy course to equip its students interested in Western Calligraphy. They are trained to learn the difference in lettering styles occurring on the basis of typography. Our methods assist in gaining the ability to form fluid and spontaneous characters, which can be improvised regularly, while being written.

Calligraphy: Scope

Calligraphy isan art, which can be used in commercial purposes successfully. The art of calligraphy has a tremendous potential and there are very few people working in this fields of Body Painting, Fashion, Interiors, Logos, Tshirts, Murals etc.

Calligraphy continues to flourish in society through wedding and event invitations, font Design/Project Works/Typography, original hand-lettered logo design, religious art, inscriptions and memorial documents. It is also used for props and moving images for film and television, testimonials, birth and death certificates, maps, and other works involving writing.

Calligraphy Tools

Its very important to be in tune with your instruments and tools of calligraphy to use them effectively. A complete mastery over the instrument ables you to control it and handle it the way you want. The handwriting, its flow and vigour depend on the pen you use. A good pen is like a good friend, which will accompany you for long if you take good care of it. Pens and tool need mending and cleaning at regular intervals to produce the best results.

Dependingon the mediums the tools like pens, nibs, Boru (Reed), brushes, foam, hands, engraving tools, syringes etc. can be used.

Calligraphy: Medium

In conventional writing it’s the words, which impart the meaning whereas calligraphy expresses itself through forms and strokes.In today’s times, in addition to being a kind of communication, calligraphy is gaining immense popularity as a serious art form.

Throughthe style and composition of written forms the calligrapher attempts tovisually interpret the spirit of texts, headlines,logos, painterly and abstract works. Along with its conventional ink on papers(handmade or processed), calligraphy has been tried in various innovative mediums too.

Sinceancient times materials like stones, metal, Palm leaves, Birch Bark, wood, bamboo, bricks, clay tablets, cotton cloth have been used. In modern art, glass engraving etc. is also used as a medium for calligraphy and its artistic compositions.

Well some have even used more unconventional medias like umbrellas and human bodies !!!!!