Students Training Program

Abacus Learning program is a unique maths enrichment course, mainly aimed at primary school aged children.

Through the use of the Japanese Abacus and other materials, the course is designed to help children excel with their mental arithmetic, school maths, and even other subjects, by developing their concentration, reasoning, visualization (creativity), and tenacity.

What Is Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program

Abacus & Mental Arithmetic is a form of training which will enhance a child’s ability to calculate without the aid of any instrument such as paper, pen or calculator, after initial abacus training. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his/her own mental power. Horizon - Brain Development Academy; Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program is fun filled learning.

Horizon - Brain Development Academy; Abacus & Mental Arithmetic development program is based on mental arithmetic system. It starts with the use of an abacus and soon the child learns to do calculations in his mind itself without a physical abacus. This training will enhance a child's ability to do calculation without the aid of any instrument such as the calculator, abacus etc. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his own mental power and can surpass the speed of even a calculator.

Benefits of Learning Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program

Children who undergo Abacus & Mental Arithmetic program would have several positive benefits. Some of these are:

  • Greater concentration
  • Keen Listening skills
  • Better reflexes
  • Better application skills
  • Improved analytical skills
  • Better creative and imaginative skills
  • Improved reading writing and learning skills
  • Better Memory
  • Sharper observation
  • Self – confidence
  • Better expression
  • Better comprehension and calculation skills

This special ability relies entirely on one's mental processing skills. The program aims at stimulating the children’s right and left side of the brain, making the whole thinking process mode efficient and effective, to produce complete and confident personalities, who achieve extraordinary levels in various disciplines. In short it is like a brain gymnasium for the young and growing minds.

Will This Training Create Extra Burden On Child

There is no extra burden on the child during the training through Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program, but the fact is that the brain gets developed and hence the regular studies also become easier. In fact Horizon - Brain Development Academy is not an educational institute, but it is a brain development center. World over, students are undergoing Abacus & Mental Arithmetic training without any burden and get knowledge combined with fun and play.

Like other training programs, Horizon - Brain Development Academy also has books and syllabus but the whole training program is easy and burden less. The child will start taking interest in themselves which is the primary motive of any center.

At the start, the child is taught how to use an Abacus – a beaded instrument used for the purpose of calculation. Later on, the child is not dependent on the Abacus to do the calculations.

Horizon - Brain Development Academy center presents a friendly and good atmosphere, which motivates the child to come to our center to learn.

Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Training Program

Children of the age group from four years and above any body is eligible to join our course. The Horizon - Brain Development Academy; Abacus & Mental Arithmetic course is divided into ten levels. Each level lasts for three months during which the children will have to attend twelve sessions. Teaching sessions are conducted once in a week for 2 hours.

After successful completion of the assessment at every level, the child goes to the next level. Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level. Certificates are given after successful completion of each level

To further highlight the ability of students, every year Horizon - Brain Development Academy India conducts National Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition, for students from all the centers in India. The toppers of this competition are sponsored by the company to represent India in the International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition conducted every year, where children trained by us will compete with brains from all over the world.